Are you a strong powerful woman!

From the time we are born, we are unique & beautiful. As  we mature, we learn the power  of our voice & the strength in our minds. Our trials  enrich who we are & become learned lessons. 


We are all fierce, we are all fighters. Society wants to place women in a box, where we have a do and don't list.  The reality is, we all are so different and so unique! Our goals in life don't fit into a box, our goals are just that, our own. And to tell you the truth, it is exhausting and we never take time for ourselves.

It is time to take a day for you. You deserve it! Pamper yourself with a makeover and photoshoot. Relax as you have your makeup and hair done. Slip into a beautiful outfit you just bought or borrow one from my  wardrobe racks.

We have the power to diversify how the world views women. One Woman, One Voice may not seem like enough to change the world but adding several thousand women & voices will make a difference. Be one voice for women.  


The Women Experience


Well, it happened last  year, I turned 40. In some circles, I am considered middle age, to others, I am still youthful. About 6 months before I turned 40, it was all I could think about, I worried, I was not young enough, hadn't accomplished enough,  and missed out on things in life. And then I realized, just how crazy that sounded. I decided no one will define my age or beauty but me.

In my younger years, I never slowed down to take time for me, to pamper me. I was so goal oriented and not that, that is a bad thing, but I wish I would have taken sometime to enjoy all my accomplishments. It took me a long time, to realize that I am worth it and I don't need to feel guilty for doing something just for me.

My goal is to empower women just like you.  I want you, no matter what stage in your life, to take time for yourself.  I want to remind you, just how unique and beautiful you really are.  I want you to know, it's okay to do something just for you! Most of all, I want you to find yourself and reflect on your accomplishments.

You are invited to join me in my quest to empower women. To give them their own voice. I promise it will change the way you view yourself forever. 


The 40 over 40 Experience is just $249.

(Total Value of $449)


(1) 5x7 image matted to an 8x10

Consultation by phone or In-Person

During our consultation, we will discuss everything about your big day! We will talk about wardrobe and what to expect before your session. We will talk about any limitations you may have and any self conscious areas. If you would like to view my wardrobe, it would be best, to have your consultation in my studio.

Professional Hair & Makeup

Enjoy the day, having your hair and makeup done by a professional. Why not, its included in the price.  Just  relax and enjoy the much needed pampering! 

Photo Session

After slip into your first wardrobe selection, we will start your photo session. During the session, I will direct you on posing and position your body, to make your  images breath taking. We will have wardrobe changes, breaks and just spend the day pampering you.

Reveal Session

After your session, your images will be professional edited . You will return to the studio for your Reveal Session, where you will see the  best images taken on your special day, (20 to 25 images).  You will choose your complimentary image, (1-5x7 image matted to an 8x10), to remember the day and your experience. You will have the opportunity to purchase other images, if you choose to.  What you choose to purchase is totally up to you. If you purchase a Folio or Collection, your $249, will be credited to the Folio or Collection.

Are you ready for the One Voice, One Woman  Experience?

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Why June K. Collins Portraits >

Is The One Woman, One Voice Experience for me?

As women, the older we get, the more we put ourselves aside and handle the daily demands of work and family life, sometime both. We never take time for ourselves. A typical day consist of throwing the hair in a ponytail and putting our favorite, "comfy" pants on. A beauty day usually consist of rushing to get our hair or nails done, (if we do either), and then rushing to get the kids from school or to make dinner. We never complain, we never get discouraged, we would do anything for our loved ones willingly. As the years go on, we spend less time taking care of us, we start to hide from the cameras, not comfortable in our own skin. 

I have been there with each and everyone one of you. I understand being so tired or not having time. But everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Even if it is just one day. Spend the day pampering yourself, do something just for you.  You know what? It is okay to do it, just for you.

Everyone should have beautiful photos of themselves for every milestone, every decade  and every event in their life. I believe anyone women should experience this session. Find yourself again.  The experience will change the way you view yourself.

What else should I expect from

The One Woman, One Voice 


A relaxing day for you, having your hair and makeup done, sipping on your favorite bubbly, (non-alcoholic, no drinking and driving). 

Dress up into something that makes you feel amazing.

Pose in different positions  flattering  you and the outfit you are wearing.

Breaks to change outfits and to just to relax.

I will have you sign a model release to allow me to use your photos on my social media and/or website.

I would love to video your Reveal, to capture your reaction.

I would love to  video interview you, about your experience.


I would love to take a before picture and place it beside one of your finished images. 

I would love to place any of the above on my social media marketing pieces and/or website.


Before an item would be placed on social media or my website, I would seek approval from you. 

There are only 10 spots for the One Woman, One Voice Experience .

Unfortunately, there is only one me. I can only take on 10 of these sessions in the next several months. So please, if you are interested don't wait.


Book your free consultation below.  If after the consultation, you feel it is not for you, There is no obligation to book.