What Others See vs What I see

Photography is an art. Each photographer sees the picture in a different way. If you took 5 photographers, asked them to take a picture of the same thing and edit it, all of the pictures would look different. Some may look similar, but all would be different in the vision of the photographer.

Photographers don't find their style over night. It is a lot of studying and a lot of practice. I remember when I would see pictures and wonder, how did that photographer, take that picture. I was intrigued and in awe of the photos I was seeing. I had to learn, I had to know. What I learn on my quest, All of us are artist. We see things differently. And each photographer is unique.

What makes the perfect picture? There is a hundred different answers for this question but here are my ideas on the perfect picture.

First, for me it is the rich tones of an image. I feel, the tones set the mood of the image. I tend to love warm tones. I love bringing out the colors. I love my images to have a painterly feel to them.

Secondly, I love moody/emotional images. I like my images to tell a story. Something as simple as, a time in a persons life or as complex, as a composite image, where you are taking several different elements and placing them all into a photo, to make one image. Emotion is not always smiling pictures, but more of tell the individuals journey.

So here are two photos that have before and afters. The first image, is the picture as seen, what my client would see, when they are with me. The second, is what I was thinking in my mind, when I saw the spot. Each photo takes around 10 to 30 minutes to edit to get them perfect. It's great watching what I am thinking, turn into reality.

This first one, is of my mom's donkeys. The baby was born a few hours earlier. As the sun was setting, it was so beautiful. To get the sunset, I had to make the donkeys dark. So, when I was editing, I added light to the donkeys and made all the colors in the sunset come to life.

This second picture, when I took the picture, I loved the brick and the green door. I knew, I wanted to bring the colors out. The colors were already there, I just made them pop. The colors both the girls were wear, added to and match the tones in the area.


I am so glad you are here. I love creating Fine Art portraiture! I can't imagine anything more rewarding, than clients who fall in love with their images created. Learn more about me and my work by clicking below. I would love to work with you in the near future.

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