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So this month I am adding Coffee Talk with June. I have so many followers, I would love getting to know you better, as well as you getting to know me of course. Join me on Facebook @ June K. Collins Portraits, the 1st Friday of the month at 7 PM.

We have had a long month, it's time to relax with others talking about life, kids, pets, business and anything else we can think of. I want it to be time, just for you to enjoy and unwind. I'm not much of a drinker, so I'll grab some coffee and you grab your favorite drink.

I'm an entrepreneur, so business talks are great, I have kids, (My son gained his angel wings in 2012 and my daughter is almost 6), I have many dogs, I love hearing about positive stories and I love talking with others about being the best version of themselves. The only things I will not talk about: sex, politics and religion. All have a place in my life, but I have found these three things divide each other and I don't want. I want to lift each other up, in a time where negativity has taken over our lives.

Let's do it, this Friday at 7 PM. I will meet you on Facebook @ June K. Collins Portraits. If anyone has questions but can't make it to the talk, message me and I will answer them, so you can watch at a later time. I hope to see you there!


I am so glad you are here. I love creating Fine Art portraiture! I can't imagine anything more rewarding, than clients who fall in love with their images created. Learn more about me and my work by clicking below. I would love to work with you in the near future.

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Interview with Hustlenomics

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