Sassy meets Soccer

My little angel, my little sassy pants, as I call her. It's amazing how girl she can be at time, but how much she is a tomboy as well. A mixture of both worlds is totally fine with me. I was tagged in several photos where younger girls were in dresses and sports equipment. Really cute concept and when I had time, I would do it with Bella. Bella has been in soccer for 2 seasons now. I am hoping that it sticks, but she is so young, we will see. I played soccer since four and wanted her to be involved in something other than just electronics, which I will say there is a lot of good in IPads and electronics in general too.

Bella cried the first season, not understanding why people were taking the ball away from her. Uggh heart breaking for me, but maybe when she got older, I thought I would see if she wanted to play again. To my surprise, the next season she asked to play. Not knowing how to react, I asked if she was sure. She said yes, so second season here we come. It went great for the most part. We ended on a good note, so the next time she wants to play, she will ask I'm sure.

So, back to the pictures. I wanted to take pictures of her in a beautiful dress with her soccer shinguards and cleats on. The best weekend was the weekend I did her Christmas pictures. I have fallen in love with the pictures. They captured her personality and her beauty, because she is the most beautiful child in the world inside and out. So here area a few of my sassy little tomboy, doing what she does best.


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