Doggie Daycare- Hello Southern Hound Club!

In my quest for great pet businesses in our area this year, I was told about Southern Hound Club, a “doggie daycare” that also trains puppies/dogs. After the shock that I did not know a place like this existed in Valdosta Georgia, I was pumped to learn more.

I took to the internet, as we all do, and found Southern Hound Club. Southern Hound Club’s goal is to, “provide first-class care for your best friend with a fun, comfortable, stress-free experience during his or her stay”. They had a large indoor playroom, multiple outdoor play runs, and even a pond for swimming.

(Reba: The face of Southern Hound Club)

I had to meet this team. I sent a letter to them, telling them, I would love to meet them. Judianne called me and asked me to come and see them. Excited and of course nervous, I went.

The day of the meeting, I turned on the road and I looked over to see a bunch of fur babies running around a big pond and a beautiful German Shepherd caught my eye. After I snapped out of my trance, I realize I had missed my turned. I was actually seeing some of the fur babies at Southern Hound Club. As I pulled in, I was greeted by several of the play session fur babies and of course Judianne, the office manager. As I was guided in, classical music was playing in the main quarters. I call it quarters because calling it an office would not do it justice. Beautiful canine paintings, pictures and sculptures lined the walls and the floor. I got to meet Amanda Hall, the owner, (Yes, the Amanda Hall that is a Veterinarian in Valdosta) and toured the facility. It was more beautiful than I imagined and had seen. I met my first elderly pup, Molly, when I went to the play area. She was older and was not up to playing with the young bucks, so she was resting in the dim lights listening to the music. I ended my time there meeting and taking several photos of the fur babies. I was thinking finally, a business catered to pets and it truly was about the pets not just the bottom line.

(Pup pictures from Southern Hound Club)

If you are looking for one of the finest kennels who cater to your fur baby. Some where they can enjoy going and you have peace of mind that your canine is okay, this is the place. From the moment you get out of your vehicle, you are greeted and put at ease about leaving your canine. Find out more below, you will love them.

They offered a variety of services to include:

~Play session for your fur baby. You drop your fur baby off in the morning and pick them up when you get off in the evening. They are socialized during the day with other dogs in several dog areas. I think the biggest take away for me was your babies are not alone and they are being socialized with other animals. Plus they are not being mischievous at home, how many of us have come home from a long day at work to find stuff torn up, (My Oliver’s favorite is toilet paper shedding. It looks like it snows in our house year around). A total win-win.

~During their stay, you can opt to have your puppy or older dog go through training sessions. Southern Hound Club has basic puppy classes to advanced classes. The offer group sessions or an individual private session. After a long day, they can also get a bubble bath to relax and freshen up.

~Boarding is also offered at Southern Hound Club. They have state of the art kennels with calming lighting. Bring your pups favorite toys or their bed. They are able to accommodate your baby. They also offer pick up on Saturdays and Sundays, so when you do get back, you don’t have to wait to bring your family member home.

(Small Kennels at Southern Hound Club)

Southern Hound Club can be contacted @ or (229) 241-2046


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