Our Little Girls and the Big Bad World

From a young age, I started making her recite some words about her self. It goes like this, "I'm smart, I'm funny, I'm creative, I'm intelligent, I'm strong, I'm beautiful, I'm perfect just the way I am" (Thank you to FB for the idea). She repeats it and thinks it is a little game. I want to drill into her how special she actually is, before boys and the world tries to tear her down, as bullies will.

But recently I have noticed her wanting to change. When choosing between Cinderella and Belle, she wants to be Belle. Today, she didn't want blue/green eyes, she wanted a different color. Where is she picking this stuff up at parents! She is 4 years old and already wanting to be something else, when she is beautiful the way she is. Now don't get me wrong my child says she is beautiful all of the time but its disturbing at 4 she would even want to change anything a

bout herself. I know I might be taking it way out of whack but the truth is am I?

The world has taught us that whatever we are, we need to be something else. If you have brown hair you want blonde, if you have straight hair you want curly, if you are light skinned, you want to have a dark tan, and lets just deal with the weight issues, no matter how much you weigh as a woman, you want to be skinner. Even at the early age of 4, Bella is picking it up somewhere. I am reaching my platform to urge parents to talk to your children about being perfect the way they are. Confidence issues start at a young age and carry on into adulthood. Once there are confidence issues it is hard to break. I urge parents to look inside themselves as well and come to the reality, you are perfect just the way you are as well. You children love you no matter how you look.

I'm not trying to rant about the issue or start a debate. I just want to bring light on a subject that is not talked about. Make sure you sit down and talk to your children about being true to who they are. Maybe even add something into their day that lets them know how special they are without say, "You are special and perfect the way you are". It's up to us parents!


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