Rags to Riches, Maggies Story

Saturday's session was a reminder to me just how important pet adoption is.

I met JoAnna and Maggie through a contest where the lucky winner won a complimentary session and one 8x10 image matted to 11x14. I pulled JoAnna's name and I got to meet Ms. Maggie.

Maggie from pictures looked just like a German Short Haired Pointer. I knew the breed well because at one time I had owned one, many years ago. JoAnna told me that Maggie was around 7 or 8 years old but she was not sure due to Maggie being adopted from a shelter. She didn't look like a shelter puppy, she looked like a purebred Pointer.

The day of the session I got to meet Maggie. Although she was a little shy around the camera, she did great. Maggie would look at JoAnna for reassurance when she was nervous. JoAnna's calming voice and being by her side was all Maggie needed. You could see all the love Maggie has for JoAnna. Maggie was loyal to JoAnna, like she knew JoAnna had saved her life 4 years earlier.

JoAnna told me the story about meeting Maggie, at the time "Penny", one day at Lowndes County Animal Shelter. She left that first day but never forgot Maggie. Days later, she called the shelter and asked if Maggie was still there and she was. JoAnna went back to the shelter to see Maggie again. JoAnna was not sold on getting a dog but her fiancé at the time was. This time JoAnna went back with her mom, sister and niece. JoAnna cringed when Maggie was let out and went running towards her niece. Having a young daughter myself, I can image the fear JoAnna was feeling. But when Maggie got to JoAnna's niece, Maggie stopped. It was like Maggie knew it was a child and to be gentle. JoAnna was sold!

Maggie is living it up; a true rags to riches story. She has a loving family that spoils her. Maggie's time homeless did not harm her spirit. As I was talking to JoAnna, Maggie laid on the couch letting me rub her ears. She melted in my hands and her sweet/gentle personality shined. It was like she was never homeless, never in a shelter and was with JoAnna since she was old enough to go home.

I wondered by looking at Maggie and editing her pictures where she has been. I know if Maggie could talk, she would tell me where she came from and how she became homeless. She would tell me about JoAnna saving her and how she appreciates everything her family does for her. Maggie's story teaches all of us just how important adoption is. Maggie was ready to give a family all her love and be loyal to them. She was just waiting for her perfect family, she was waiting for JoAnna.

Remember the next time you are looking for a fur baby, there is BARC, the Humane Society and Lowndes County Animal Shelter right here. Be that hero and savior to a shelter baby. They are waiting on you!


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