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Have you thought about pet portraits?

When we are children, we meet our first best friend.  They play with us, they snuggle with us and no matter what, we are always their favorite person to see. The y know how to make everything better, when we are young and as we grow,  they always know how to make a rough day better.


They are our pets. Our special family members, who's only goal in life is to love and protect us.  They teach us to love, before we even understand what love is. 


Our life is never the same, when they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. We realize how important they were and how much they consumed our life. We treasure everything from old toys and blankets, to carved out furniture and that hole in the backyard, which never remained covered up.

As important as pets are in our life, doesn't their life deserved to be documented? Of course it does! We deserve to have beautiful pictures in our homes of special family members. Take pictures, take a bunch, because they are gone way to soon.


Behind the Lens

For as long as I can remember, there was at least one pet in the household. I grew up loving all kinds of animals and couldn't imagine my life without a pet in it. They were my secret keepers and the greatest at making things better when I had a rough day. Today, I have several pets and wouldn't want it any other way, torn up shoes, furniture and all.

As I began my photography endeavor, I fell in love with taking pictures of pets. I realized the love in my heart for animals, allowed me to create images that captured a pet's personality.  As  I became confident in my abilities, I began offering sessions just for special family members.

There is no greater joy than giving  a family beautiful pictures of their special family members. Whether the pictures are at the beginning of their journey together or towards the end, they are all important.  Once they cross the Rainbow Bridge, a piece of our heart is taken. We only have those wonderful memories and pictures to cling to.  

I would be honored for you, to join me, in a Pet Session, for your special family member. I promise to give you beautiful images you will treasure.

You are invited to join me, for a Pet Session, making beautiful memories you will treasure.


The Pet Session Retainer Fee is $149.

(Valued at $334)


(1) 5x7 image matted to an 8x10

Consultation by text, phone or In-Person

During our consultation, we will discuss everything about your pets big day! We will talk about your pets wardrobe and what to expect before the session. We will talk about any limitations your pet may have. If you would like to view my limited  pet accessories , it would be best, to have your consultation in my studio.

Photo Session

After your pet gets comfortable in the surroundings, we will start the photo session. During the session, I will direct you and your pet on different poses, that will make the  images gorgeous. We will take several breaks to reset and allow for water and rest. Once we are sure we got the perfect images , we will complete the session.

Your Reveal Session

After your session, your images will be professional edited . You will return to the studio for your Reveal Session, where you will see all of the images taken of your pet's special day.  You will choose your  favorite images, to remember the day. We will discuss how you would like to display your images and the best options for you.  Remember, what you choose to purchase is totally up to you. Once you have decided, your retainer fee will be credited to your purchase of a Folio or Collection. The remainder of the balance will be paid at this time. If you choose a payment plan, your images will remain at the studio until the balance is paid.

Once your images arrive,  you may picked them up at the studio or I can hand deliver them to you. For clients who are out of town/state, I will securely and safely mail your items to you, once I have approved the quality.

Are you ready for Pet Portraits?

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Can ANY Pet Do A Session?

The best answer to this question is yes. Any pet, no matter how small or big are welcome. We will produce unique and one of a kind images.


Some clients worry about their pet not being trained. 99.5 percent of pets I photograph, have no formal training and a select few know basic commands like sit or down. Pet Sessions are more about staying calm and not giving up on the result you are looking for. In fact, looking through pictures on this page, there are two dogs that have advanced training, a few have basic commands down and puppies, well they are cute puppies- no training at all! Your pet can do it too, I promise, they just might surprise you.

Another worry is usually letting their pet off leash or free roaming in the studio. When I do outside photography, all pets are on a leash. It is so much safer and so easy to remove the leash in post production. The safety of your pet is the most important thing. A pet, free roaming in my studio is nothing to worry about.  There is no way for them to escape. They can't break anything that cant be replaced, I promise. And bathroom accidents happen! The backdrops can be washed and they make great floor cleaners. It has happened more than you think  and the images taken , still turned out amazing. Don't worry,  just relax and enjoy the time with your special family member. 

I know there are a ton of worries out there but these above are the most I am asked about. Trust in the process and you will be amazingly surprised at how well your special little one does. 

What else should I expect from a

 Pet Session:

Lots of laughs: I guarantee there will be times that make us laugh, they truly are fun sessions.

Do Overs: Most times, especially if we add accessories, there will be several do overs. We will get the perfect shot, it just takes patients.

A Tired Family Member: After all the camera time, your special family member will want to sleep, a lot.


Gorgeous Portraits: I guarantee you will love the professional images of your pet.

You will be: Happy that you chose to trust the process and your special family member to do well.

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