Each session is customized to the individual to create unique images. During the initial contact, either in person, phone or via email, I like to speak with the client and get a better understanding of what they want out of the session. This is the best way to customize your session and make sure I am a great fit for what you are looking for! During the time of your booking, I require a $200 Reservation Retainer.  This Reservation Retainer will be used later, as a credit towards the purchase of a Folio or Collection.
The day of your session, we will speak about any last minute ideas you have or would like with your images. Plan to be with me for an hour to an hour and a half. Each session is different, so the time will vary.  With children and pets we may need to take breaks and relax.  This is normal and okay! It's all part of getting great photos.
When your images are edited and ready to view, we will set up your Reveal and Purchase Session. Plan on spending 30 minutes to an hour to look at all of your beautiful images. During your Reveal Session, you will purchase the items you would like to display your images in. It is important to me that you purchase what you love and can't live without, nothing more, nothing less. Payment plans are available for 3 or 6 months (For further details please inquire).
Once your images have arrived, they will be hand delivered to you. 
Offering Bijou by J
Bijou by J are 30 minute sessions  in my studio. These are not customized sessions and are a shorter in time. The reservation fee is $100 and you can choose from three preselected packages. These session are great for those individuals who want traditional prints and digitals. The packages start at $395.  
Collections are a mixture of Wall Portraits, the Folio Box, Albums, Prints, Digital and more.  The Collections contain what the usual client chooses. There are 5 Collections you may choose from. You many also customize your own Collection.  Collections start at 800. 
The Folio
The Folio contain 6, 10 or 15, 5x7 images, matted to an 8x10. They are held within a beautiful leather box to display on a table or mantle. The Folio Box is a great way to showcase the images from your session. Folio Boxes start at 800.
Wall Portraits come framed, on canvas or acrylic. All look gorgeous on the wall and offer a modern to contemporary look. They can be purchased together or separate. Wall Portraits start at 400 and come in a variety of sizes.
Albums come in 5x5, 8x8 or 10x10.  Each album contains 10 pages or more and holds your favorite images from your session. The covers can be customized with an image from your day or you can choose a leather or fabric cover. They are great as table pieces for your home. Albums start at 600.
Desk Items, jewelry, handbags, prints and digitals  are for individuals looking for a few images to place in a picture frame, something unique to wear or to place on their desk. These items are smaller which allows them to be placed in the smallest of places. Custom prints are 8x10 and smaller and come in packs of 5 or 10.  Print packs start at 500. Desk items include acrylic and album blocks. The starting price of these type items are 300. Digital files come in groups of ten and start at 600. Jewelry is a unique way to display your favorite image. Jewelry prices start at 300.
Frequent Asked Questions
What can I expect during a June K. Collins Pet Portraits session?
The most important thing is that we talk and plan your session.  Don’t get frustrated if on the day of your session things don’t go exactly as planned, they almost always don’t.  That being said, if we all stay relaxed we’ll have a fun and beneficial session.  My primary focus is on the comfort and ease of your child and/or pet.  We take breaks to ensure time for belly rubs/juice and changing your child and/or pet’s focus if needed,  I shoot in a very relaxed manner to ensure that you and your family have a great time. 
How to Booking your Portrait Session?
Simply fill out a contact form on my website  or give me a call at 229-292-2135. We can do our pre-shoot consult when you call or set it up at a more convenient time, I will answer all of your questions and we can finalize a shoot date.  To secure your shoot date, a $200 reservation retainer is required, which will be credited at the time of your Reveal and Order Session as a credit.  
Will I need to sign a contract?
Yes, I email you a contract that explains what’s included in your session, as well as a release form stating I retain rights to all images and can use them in my Studio marketing.  It’s all very straightforward.
How soon will I be able to see my photos?
Between 1-2 weeks after our photo shoot we will meet again for your Reveal and Ordering Session.  All images in your gallery will be edited and ready for you to choose how you want to display them. 
How much does it cost?
There is no simple way to tell you how much your portrait session is going to cost. Each individual is different and has their own budget. What you spend on your session is totally up to you. Do you want wall art, canvases, an album? Understanding how you would like your images displayed will lead you towards what your cost will be. Above gives you an idea of what I offer and how much each would cost.  If you would like to speak more about personalizing a Collection just for you, please contact me.
Do you have payment plans?
Yes, I do. My payment plans are 3 or 6 months.  All payment plans require 50% at the time of purchase. The remainder of the balance is split up equally through out the months. There is no interest charges on payment plans and they can be paid off early. All items purchased will be delivered once you balance is paid off.
Do you use a flash when shooting? 
I prefer shooting in natural light, but will use studio lights when needed.
What if my child (ren) and/or pet(s) are too hyper or nervous?
Typically, most are a bit nervous in the beginning of the session but will settle down if everyone stays calm.  We can get some great shots of them jumping and running around.  If it’s just not working out, we may just arrange to come and shoot at your home where they will feel less stressed. Everyone thinks their child and/or pet is too hyper! Trust the process.
Can I request an outdoor photo session?
Absolutely! I offer outdoor, at home and in-studio sessions.
What happens if there is bad weather the day of our session?
We simply reschedule either for a better weather day or change to an at home or in-studio session if there is an urgent need to get the session done.
Do you photograph other pets other than cats and dogs?
Definitely, whatever type of pet you have, I would love to photograph them for you.
How far in advance should I book my photography session?
I recommend booking your Portrait Session at least a month or more in advance.  I can sometimes fit you in on shorter notice, but no guarantee.
Are digital files included?
Because I know you want to show everyone how adorable your child and/or pet is, we include with each image you order a digital file that is sized for sharing online. 
What is the difference between a June K. Collins Session vs a Bijou by J Session?
June K Collins sessions are customized. This means there is a certain location picked, outfit changes and they are longer in length. There is also a Reveal Session customizing your order. These type of session are meant for those individuals who want to spend more time and want extra help in making choices for your home. These sessions also include installation if needed. A Bijou by J Session is a smaller session, (30 minutes in length), and the location is within 30 minutes of Hahira, Georgia.  These sessions have 3 different packages to choose from and are traditional prints and digital packages. You will have an online gallery to choose your images and packages from. With  Bijou by J sessions, there is no customization but they allow an individual to have professional quality images to enjoy. 
During my  Reveal and Ordering Session, how will I choose?
Sometimes individuals have an idea of what they would like to buy and sometimes they don't. It is okay. I set an hour for  a Reveal and Ordering Session but if it last longer, that is okay too. The most important thing is your happiness. From previous conversations we have had, I will make suggestions on things you have mentioned. If you think it is best for you and your budget we will move forward, if not, we will talk about what will work for you. No worries, as I am not a pushy sales person. I promise we will get you exactly what you want and you will leave happy about your purchase. 





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