Hey there! My name is June K. Collins and I’m a Fine Art Photographer that specializes in intimate and whimsical portraits of children and pets. I am based in Valdosta Georgia and serve South and Coastal Georgia and Florida. I am a pink loving, animal toting lady, with a love for my family, animals and life.

There is nothing I would rather do then take portraits of children with and without fur. There is no better feeling than seeing a little girl smile at her images or a parent get teary eyed seeing their child’s portraits for the first time. There is no better feeling than watching the preteen or teenage girl realize for the first time, that not only is she beautiful on the inside, she is gorgeous on the outside.

There is nothing better than photographing a child’s first bestie or a couples first “baby”. Our pets take over our heart and our life. I am guilty of wearing at least one strand of hair from my fur-children each day. Also, guilty of being on the phone and the fur-children “speaking” to the person knocking at the door. It seems just as fast as they come into our life, we are having to say goodbye. They are our secret keepers, because come on, who doesn’t talk to their 4-legged children! Each family should have portraits with all of their children.

I want each of the individuals I photograph, to look at the portraits hung on their wall and remember that time in their life. I want to create a wall of their journey through life. It’s a special feeling to watch a child grow older and be able to photograph each stage in their life. An image tells a story like nothing else.

My goal is to have each individual walk away from the session with the best images possible. I want for each client to know that they were valued and their time with me was not rushed or the same as any other session. Most of all, I want to put the value of photography back in their eyes, with images they love.

I would love to chat & see if we are a perfect fit for each other. Call or email me and lets set up a time.

Some thoughts from June:


“Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t”.

If I had a quarter for every time someone told me I couldn’t do something, smh!


Always be true to whom you are and what you want to believe.

I can only be whom I was meant to be. It’s fun to be different in this world. Don’t be anyone but yourself. People will love you more.


Always follow your dreams and where you heart leads you.

I am a realist but I also know when to follow my heart and what I truly need to do. Listen, your heart will lead you correctly.  And if for some reason it doesn’t, your gut will always tell you the truth lol.


Not everyone is going to like you, find those whom you mesh with.

I am not the person for everyone, just like everyone is not the person for me. This doesn’t make anyone wrong or right, it’s just how the world goes round. This uniqueness makes the world perfect.


Don’t let fear take over your life.

There are a lot of things in life that fear has made me nauseated. But each time, I pushed through and the outcome on the other side was so much more than I expected. Don’t stop because of fear, it will pass just like it always does.  


Be happy!

Is everyday happy for me?, heck no! But I know, I control how my day is going to go and what I say to others.  Strive to be happy and if you are having a bad day, know there is a brighter one coming. Don’t put your bad day on another.


If your life isn’t what you want, make a new chapter.

Am I where I would like to be in 20 or 30 years, of course not, but I am getting there. Each day, week, month and year I am going towards my goals.  Each year is a chapter that keeps getting better and better. Never stop, always keep pushing.


Don’t ever say, “Tomorrow is the day”, make today the day because tomorrow will never come.

I am actually doing this today with laundry lol. Don’t let a day, month or year go by where you put on hold something you want. Take baby steps towards it, if that is all you can do, but don’t just stop.  Don’t wait towards your later years and regret not taking the steps now.


Don’t have regret and “wish you would have”.

Regret is one of the most powerful things but you can stop yourself from having it. But the sad part is, most people have some regret. Whether it is with their children growing up, their career or their parents. If you see yourself in the future going down the path of regret, change it now. You are in control.


And lastly, give!

I don’t have all the money in the world, but I can give my talents to the world.  I can help people through problems, I can listen, I can take pictures for rescues and none of it costs money.  There is always a way to give and something that you would be perfect at giving. You will be rewarded and find a fuller life. It’s kinda weird to say but it’s true.





Interview with Hustlenomics

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